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The thought:

Where did my old Nokia 3110 go? You know we all had them, they were the status symbol of independence and technological growth. Hmm…

I know that you are asking the exact same question at this point. Being in the E-WASTE industry I knew that the answer to this question was not going to be very attractive. I decided to change my blog topic at that point to address this and came up with the following statistic to my question:

The average person around the world produces more than 12kg of e-Waste annually and we only recycle 10 – 15%

Do you remember what you did to your phone now?

The reality behind this is that sometimes we discard our waste and products without thinking about the consequences. I know that most people try and push global warming and recycling down our throats but the realities behind E-WASTE and the impact it has on our children, families and communities are quite scary. These days the lifespan of an average computer and even cellphone are 2 years but on average 800 000 computers and even more cellphones make its way to our shores every year.

What happens to the waste?

Many electronic devices contain high levels of toxic materials such as lead, barium, cadmium, and mercury that render them hazardous when disposed of. These chemicals can cause damage to your lungs, nervous system and the brain. Due to the vast amounts that find its way to the normal rubbish dumps the chemicals can infiltrate the water systems and the land that we grow our food on.

It is time to take a stand against that pollution that directly impacts your family, your community and the beautiful planet that we hold so dear. That is why I decided to become a Green Computing Enthusiast and open my business to help my community and my family and my earth. In the next few months I will be dedicating my blogs to tips, tricks and concerns around E-WASTE and what you can do to make this world healthy.