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Unfortunately, because they are still in development, they cannot keep up with recycling E-WASTE in an environmentally friendly process. This shortfall causes a chain reaction and, almost all of the equipment is burned in open air and acid baths are used to extract precious metals.

Most of the people working on the dumps are very poor and have no other choice but to dismantle E-WASTE to make ends meet. They are at a very high risk because of the toxic and hazardous materials they work with each and every day. Scientific studies have proven that these people have very high levels of lead in their blood and have an alarmingly high risk of becoming terminally ill. The chemicals wreak havoc on their bodies leading to brain illnesses, bone deficiencies, respiratory failure and all sorts of other health risks.

The very sad part to this article is that a lot of children are involved in the dismantling of E-WASTE and toxic processes putting their young, fragile minds and bodies at risk.
E-WASTE is at an all-time high and piling up all around the world, the main issue concerning everyone is a lack of knowledge about the hazard it poses, not only to the environment, but ourselves as well. Educate yourself on E-WASTE and people around you, we only have one earth, let’s keep it beautiful and clean for future generations!

Here at AFRICA E-WASTE we are dedicated to a cleaner and greener future, we recycle E-WASTE the right way!

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Ivan van Wyk